Help the AllTrials campaign!
Tell the WHO you want them to support mandatory disclosure of clinical trial results. Send your email before November 15th.
Update on Bill C-17 “Vanessa’s Law”
A partial victory: clinical trial information must now be disclosed, but NHPs have been left exempted.
Stop Nosodes!
Product labels are now required to warn: “This product is not intended to be an alternative to vaccination.” Learn more about our Stop Nosodes campaign.


Bad Science Watch is committed to only choosing projects we believe will be effective in advocating for good science in public policy.  All projects undergo a comprehensive approval process that starts with a project proposal that is forwarded to the Steering Committee for preliminary approval.  It is assigned a temporary science adviser for review, and a thorough analysis is made to ensure risk is mitigated. The project is then reviewed by the Executive Director who has final approval based on available resources and a risk/benefit evaluation.

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